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When Only Candlelight Will Do…

There are few things in this world that can transform a room like candlelight. It takes any room from the everyday to the magnificent by a simple glow. Our custom-made range delivers candles for every occasion. Whether it be for your next corporate gift, wedding centrepiece or dinner party decoration, we have the right candle to suit.

Candles of Every Shape and Size

Our range features a variety of candles including traditional tealights, pillar, tapers, chakra and fragranced jar candles made from paraffin, vegetable stearin and soy wax. With 20 fragrances to choose from a variety of shapes and sizes in every collection, you are bound to find the perfect candle for your needs.

Southern Lights Candles

  • Tealight, Floater, Votive

  • Pillar and Taper

  • Moreton Range

  • Chakra

  • Soy

  • LED Candles


    Create the Ideal Romantic Ambience with Tealight Candles

    Tealight candles are the simplest and most effective way to enrich the mood and evoke a feeling of romance in any space.

    Transform signature events such as weddings, formal dinners and evening twilight parties. Or take a romantic evening at home with a candlelit bath from ordinary to magical. There are few items that can instantly change the mood of a room as that of scattered tealight candles.

    Choose from our handy 9 hour burn time, unscented tealights in packs of 50. Or for those special events, our votive reusable acrylic cups boasting 15 hours burn time. Set your pool alight with soft floating metallic pearl or white floating candles and set a scene your guests will never forget.

    Your only limit is your imagination.

    Just scatter, light and let the tealights do the rest.



    Pillar Candles and Taper Candles for Every Occasion

    When looking for a statement piece, pillar candles are the ideal candle choice. With longer burning times than tealights, pillar candles are your candle of choice that will last you all night long. They are as versatile as they are functional. Whether you are looking for a single signature candle or a mix of sizes for a stunning centrepiece, pillar candles fit every situation.

    Our selection of round and square pillar candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every event. For corporate events, make a statement with beautifully branded candlelit centrepieces. For weddings and special events, customise your favourite with a heartfelt message or photos to suit the occasion.

    If you are looking for the classic candle look, look no further than our Wish tapered candles. Always stunning and never out of fashion, taper candles can set the mood of any room in the blink of an eye. Our Wish candles range is also popular with those involved in white magic casting spells. Our colourful range will ensure you find the right colour to match your desired element of good fortune.



    Handpoured Quality Fairtrade Candles

    The candles in our Moreton Candle Range are lovingly handpoured to create a quality, hard-wearing and long-lasting candle. Each candle is handmade and crafted from a World Fair Trade Organization Supplier, dedicated to delivering positive social impact through their candle production. The result is a premium, eco-friendly, Fairtrade candles that will not only smell and look stunning, but make you feel good knowing it was ethically sourced and made.

    Every candle made means more hands at work, more local jobs, less crime and a happy village. The Moreton Range boasts a series of pillar and taper candles in 12 stunning colour varieties. Each candle is made with truly skilled hands by using as much local, renewable materials as possible throughout the production process. Strict quality control measures are in place to ensure every candle sent our of the factory is of the highest quality and calibre.

    So not only are you the recipient of a beautiful, premium, eco-friendly candle, but one that is doing good things in the world.

    You can't ask for more than that?

    The Moreton Range

  • Quality, eco-friendly candles

  • Clean burning

  • Hard wearing

  • WFTO Certified



    Enhance your Body's Energies with Chakra Candles

    Our range of Chakra Candles work to enhance your mood and body's energies. Our range of seven chakra candles represent the seven primary energy centres of our body. These energy centres correspond to our human emotions and behaviours.

    Select the right Chakra Candle to suit your mood to enhance your current state of being. Or, alternatively, select a Chakra candle to encourage a change of current state to a more positive and enlightened one.

    Combining a Chakra Candle with meditation or simple act of being will enhance your healing energies and increase your overall sense of wellbeing, encompassing mind, body and spirit.



    Soy Candles ~ Candlelight that is Good for the Environment

    Our wide range of soy candles offers an environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable traditional candle alternative. Our biodegradable scented soy wax means no nasty toxins when burned, resulting in a cleaner, more sustainable burn. Burning at a cooler rate, they also have a longer shelf life than regular wax candles. With an average burn time of up to 18 hours for small and 45 hours for medium to large candles.

    Our range of Ava Bae Soy candles come in a variety of options, all lovingly hand poured in a beautiful selection of contemporary glass holders and jars completed with a wooden lid. For the ultimate gift or decadence for your own home, choose from our range featuring exquisite boxing with a choice of gold and silver foiling.

    It's eco friendly candlelight.



    Simple and Effective Candlelight without the Flame

    LED tealights allow the beauty of soft candlelight without the need for relighting the safety precautions that live flame requires. Imagine your next twilight event, illuminated with soft candlelight at the touch of a button? Simply set up and forget, and enjoy your evening.

    Our LED candles simulate tealight candle flames without the burn. Ideal for restaurants, catering or outside events where simple flame can be achieved at the flick of a button. Free of safety hazards, no requirement for council approval, LEDs are a low-cost lighting solution for your next big event.

    Choose between a battery-operated amber or white flame and sit back and enjoy up to 80 hours burn time. Purchase in packs of 12.